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WeRev Quick Detach Driver Backrest For Yamaha XV1600 1700 Roadstar Models Equipped With Mustang Seat - Y1600TM


Note: Item is Driver Backrest Only With Mounting Bracket and Mounting HardwareWeRev is proud to introduce the new Driver Backrest for Yamaha XV1600 1700 Roadstar Models Equipped with Mustang Seat. This unique product will provide you with the back support to make your journey much more comfortable by allowing you to ride longer with less fatigue. Stay on the bike longer and extend your ride time. When you finally do arrive at your destination,you will be ready to partake in the after ride activities while feeling more refreshed. Available in Four Different Styles NonStudded with No Rear Pocket,NonStudded With Rear Pocket,Studded With No Rear Pocket,and Studded With Rear Pocket. Quick Detach system leaves no exposed bracket when backrest is removed.Installation Instructions:Yamaha 16001700 Roadstar Models Equipped with Mustang Seat1. Remove seat assmbly2. Seperate the passenger and drivers seats3. Place supplied bracket over the drivers seat and reconnect the seats using supplied bolts4. Reinstall seat assembly5. Slide backrest into bracket Ride SafeIf backrest is loose simply wrap a piece of electrical tape around the tongue

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