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STX Surgeon RX2 Grip Jr. Hockey Stick


Get out of the 'square life? with STX's Surgeon RX2 hockey stick. STX designed the RX2 as precision instrument specifically for elite and highly skilled players looking for a stick that can provide unmatched response; feel and stick control with an all new shaft geometry called Puregrip. Puregrip is a new never before seen shaft geometry that utilizes an ergonomic shape on the underside of the shaft to provide more contact points with the hand. More surface area and contact points translate into better control over the stick. The shaft is composed of premium 3K carbon fiber with a spear construction; which means that the shaft extends internally into the heel of the blade. This construction ultimately provides increased puck feel and keeps the stick lightweight. New is also STX's Nano Enhanced Resin System which improves the durability of the shaft to protect it from impact micro-fractures. The Surgeon line of sticks also features STX's Precision Flex Profile; a dual flex profile that either allows for that quick release; or allows the stick to load energy higher up the shaft to add power to your shot. Making its way back into the Surgeon line is the Quad Core Blade. The new blade combines a light and torsionally strong internal design; with a softer face; for responsive control. Four ? Quad Core? carbon fiber reinforced bridges run the entire length of the blade to enhance stability. In between the bridges is a dense foam which reduces the overall blade weight and increases puck feel. As for the blade wrap; STX took a unique approach and integrated both 3K and 18K carbon fiber wraps to produce their PureBlade. The face of the blade is covered with 3K weave to provide an active energy transfer to the puck; the 18K weave on the backhand reduces the overall blade weight to promote a much more balanced stick. Finally; the RX2 has an ultra-high balance point that amplifies the feel and playability of the stick; this high balance point combined with the new PureBlade keep

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