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Daytona Twin Tec TCFI Gen 6 Fuel Injection Controller- Harley Davidson FL Touring Models With Throttle By Wire 08- 13 - 17700


TCFI Features and BenefitsFully programmable plugin replacement for 73 pin Delphi controller with J1850 data bus used on 20082013 touring models with electronic throttle control.,Quickly autotune fuel curves for front and rear cylinders on a dyno or onroad with new WEGO IIID dual channel wideband oxygen sensor interfaceRobust alphaN throttle position and RPM based fuel control eliminates problems with long durationhigh overlap camshaftsSupport for gear indication on accessory speedometersPowerful Windows software for custom programming and data analysisExtended data logging and diagnostics. DataFLASH memory stores full 60 minutes of operating data at 10 samplessecond.Programmable user input for functions such as two stage RPM limiter,nitrous retard,and shift kill input and outputProgrammable user output for functions such as shift light,nitrous activation,and electric shifterBillet aluminum housing with black anodized finishEasy plugin installationMajor TCFI Advantages over Competitive SystemsRealtime and continuous autotuning with monitoring,control and override capability. No other commercially available system offers all these capabilities. For a more indepth explanation of what this means and why it so important,please visit the TCFI Tech FAQ.User friendly PC Link software with 3D graphics and easy spreadsheet editing capabilities. For example,changing a block of cells in our advance table takes only a few mouse clicks. But dont take our word for it,check it out yourself. Download and play around with our PC Link TCFI software. Then try the same editing in the ThunderMax SmartLink software and draw your own conclusions.Builtin data logging. Competitive ThunderMax systems lack builtin data logging. Without builtin data logging,it is almost impossible to diagnose realworld problems. Download our TCFI Log software and look at the sample data logging file.Knowledgeable and prompt technical support. At Daytona Twin Tec,you can always reach a technician during normal business hours. You wont be told to send an email and wait for a response. In some situations,we may ask you to email us your current setup file and a data logging file that shows the problem,but an initial conversation is always with a trained technician. After hours and weekend support is available for race

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