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AIM Clutches Variable Pressure Clutch- Harley Davidson CVO Trikes 13-15 Low Models 15 - VP024-SDR


The VP clutch is the most cost effective kit for upgrading your HD stock clutch without any modifications. Up to 40 reduce clutch lever effort. Up to 40 more additional pressure to make a stronger clutch engagement. Available for all HarleyDavidson models.FeaturesWorks like a lock up clutch.Easier to pull: 30 lighter during low RPM. The kit will handle over to 105 ftlbs of torque with the orange springs installed.High performance: With the OEM 2013 and up CVO springs,the max torque capacity will be over 135 ftlbs torque.Slider Weights design: will fit behind stock,103,110 derby covers.10 minutes installation. Install through the derby cover without removing the primary cover.No modifications needed.Fits behind a stock derby cover and primary cover. No modification required.Centrifugal force makes more clamping forceRegular clutches have static pressure only with clutch springs. The Lock up clutch has two different types of pressure. One is a Static Pressure,and another is a Centrifugal Force by Lockup as an additional pressure.How to reduce clutch lever effortThe VP clutch adjusts the Static Pressure by changing the position where the VP pushes the spring.Note:: HD stock derby cover,103 and 110 CVO Covers,except any special or 03 anniversary are not required a derby cover spacer.Nonstock derby cover including any special or 03 anniversary cover and 3 holes derby cover may require a derby cover spacer.The size of the displacement above is a just guideline to select VP clutch and spring. These numbers will be changed depend on motorcycle specifications.

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